Here at Orange Park Furniture, we offer a wide variety of two-sided mattress sets. Remember the 'good ole days' when you could flip and turn your mattress to help prevent body impressions, rotate sides to maintain a like new feel, and receive years of extended wear? The good ole days are here again! You will find a great selection of 2-sided sets in choices of comfort that range from extra firm to super plush, priced at unparalleled values! These mattresses are manufactured in the USA using non-allergenic materials and pre-stressed foams that are significantly more durable than those made from standard foams. Most are adjustable bed friendly as well.

Tencel cover, extra firm, 11"+ mattress (also available in plush)
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Keystone Plush
Quilted cushion top, two-sided 14" mattress with cool cover (also available in firm or pillow top)
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